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Frequently Asked Questions

Click the search icon below to search through our FAQ and find answers to your questions quickly. You can also contact us directly.

  • Why should I create a The WatchCloud account?
    Registering on The WatchCloud brings you closer to the world of luxury watches. Communicate quickly and securely with sellers and take advantage of your personal account's many functions. The account's user-friendly interface enables you to view your information at a glance. A quick chat to get purchases With a The WatchCloud account, you can quickly chat with sellers and buyers efficiently. A user-friendly interface Add interesting listings to your Notepad so they are easy to find. You can also save your searches and receive email alerts about new listings. Easily create and manage listings You can use The WatchCloud to both buy and sell watches. Create professional listings in a few easy steps and publish them on our platform.
  • How can I join TheWatchCloud as a member?
    To join TheWatchCloud, you need to first register an account and fill in all the required personal information. After registering, you will receive an email when your submission has been approved. In the meanwhile, you can use our app in observer mode. Once you received the approval email, you can enjoy the free trial till the management decides.
  • How can I buy a watch on TheWatchCloud?
    You can contact the seller directly via our Built-in Chat Messenger by clicking on the ‘Chat’ button. You and the seller can then directly negotiate the payment and shipment terms.
  • How do I filter for specific watches?
    You can filter the results by brand, reference number, dealer, date, location, vintage, sold, looking for, and selling. You can apply multiple filters simultaneously. You can sort the search results by price and latest product via the box at the bottom.
  • How do I create a watch listing?
    You can create a listing for your watch in a few simple steps Press ‘+’ at the bottom right of the page Enter your watch’s brand name, price, guarantee date, or other additional information Upload at least 1 photo
  • Why do luxury watches have reference numbers?
    Luxury watch manufacturers use reference numbers to identify specific watch models. Some companies have detailed reference numbers that indicate a timepiece's strap or bracelet, clasp type, and other details.
  • Why are there some problems with text display?
    Please set the font size on your device to its default size.
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